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Young County

Lake in Young County

Young County is the pristine northwest neighbor, known to many for Possum Kingdom and Young County’s seat – Graham, Texas. Fort Worth ranch owners can get to Graham in a little over an hour. Ranches can be wild deer hunting operations, be tucked in the wild mountains around and above Possum Kingdom or many larger cattle ranching operations call this county home.

The elevation ranges from 1,000 feet to over 1,300 feet above sea level, though the drama of that elevation change happens quickly in parts of the county. The area is drained by the Brazos River, which forms Possum Kingdom Lake.

Young County was crossed by Spaniards Diego Ortiz Parrilla and Pedro Vial around 1759. The United States Army established Fort Belknap on the Red Fork of the Brazos in 1851. This grew to be one of the larges military posts in the region prior to the Civil War. A visit to the fort outside Graham and its picturesque cemetery hidden across the road is recommended.

Captain Randolph B. Marcy surveyed off the Brazos River Reservation twelve miles southeast of the Fort in 1854 (eventually around 36,000 acres). Over 2,000 Indians were living on the reservation, including Caddos, Anadarkos, Wacos and Tonkawas, all said to be relieved to receive protection from the Comanche Tribe.

Cattle raisers gathering in Graham in 1877 to inaugurate what would later by the Texas and Southwest Cattle Growers Association. In 1891, the Graham Mining Company was established in hopes of mining gold, silver and coal in the area.

Young County ranches offer Metroplex families great hardwood-treed legacy holdings not far from Dallas-Fort Worth. Varying characteristics of the land make the retention of a local ranch broker key.


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