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Texas Proud Barn

Steps to take when investing in Texas land

If you are thinking about investing in Texas land, there are several important details you need to consider for a successful purchase. To help you get started, take a look at the essential steps involved in the process: Finding an ex...

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Farmers Putting Out Hay for the Sheep

Tips on buying and selling a farm

Buying or selling a farm is a huge decision that comes with great rewards if done right. Compared to residential properties, however, agricultural property transactions can be more complicated. There are additional factors involved that are...

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Come and get it!

Benefits of owning a ranch in Texas

Texas is home to gorgeous ranches of various sizes, features, and functions. Having your own ranch in the Lone Star State can be a highly-rewarding experience. Here are just a few reasons why: Huge opportunity to profit One of the big...

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7 benefits of living on your own ranch

Are you thinking about moving out of the city? Escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the perks of living on your very own farm property. Consider investing in one of the excellent ranches for sale in North Texas. Here are seven reas...

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Little girl in water park pool being splashed by water.

Things to do in North Texas

“What should I do this weekend?” If you’re a resident of North Texas, this won’t be a problem. With a plethora of wonderful attractions in the area, you and your family have a lot of options for having a good time. Check out thes...

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Unrecognizable woman gardener in a large greenhouse holding a pot with a plant. Top view.

Top 7 business ideas you can do with your land

Do you dream of owning your own ranch or farmland someday? Or perhaps you already possess a farm or unused land. If you want your vacant property to turn a profit, there are plenty of opportunities that will allow you to do so – as long a...

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Horses are grazing in the field with wildflowers in Spring.

How to keep your farm clean

There’s no feeling quite like the pride and joy that comes from owning a thriving farm. That’s why many people purchase farms for sale in North Texas and try their hand at this lifestyle. Of course, it does come with its own set of c...

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Gone Hunting

Guidelines on hunting in Texas

Hunting is a popular pastime in Texas, with over 1.25 million licensed hunters on the prowl for the wide variety of game here. Each hunting season brings a different and unique experience, giving these hunters something to look forward to o...

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