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Robert Nantz,


940-282-9218 cell phone

P.O. Box 602
Ranger TX, 76470

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Born and raised in Graham, Texas where he still resides. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Tarleton State University. He owns and operates a cattle company headquartered out of Graham, Texas. Being in the cattle industry, he has gained insight into land stewardship, land management, and land improvements. He leases and manages properties in over seven counties, and understands the different goals land owners have for their properties. Over the years, Robert has helped landowners achieve their goals by helping improve the land, manage the wildlife, and manage the grazing. Managing land and dealing with numerous landowners and properties led Robert to get his real estate license. Robert's passion for adding value to land for both wildlife and livestock gives him an eye for seeing possibilities and opportunities in various types of properties. He enjoys hearing the historical stories of many properties as well as the family heritage of properties. He enjoys seeing landowners who take pride in their ranch and continue the story of the land. He is excited to be a part of Ranch Partners and fully believes in its mission.